The CEO Project approach to Member interaction, learning and application is a tight, focused approach that is specifically designed to release the full potential of Member businesses. This is unlike those employed in networking peer groups. But the CEOs we’re looking for don’t usually join those more traditional groups, because it's about the business - not about them.

Breakthrough thinking takes a breakthrough process. It takes a methodology based on more than 12 years of research and tangible performance improvement. Invaluable feedback from exceptional group Members. Practical project tools. Insightful and relevant resources. All brought together under the guidance and coaching of a highly competent Advisor.

The Growth Priority System™(GPS™) is the underlying philosophy of our process. Like the more familiar GPS—or Global Positioning System—our process helps tell us where we are, shows us where we want to be, provides a map of the best way to get there and does all this through the input from multiple sources. From satellites in one case, and from CEO peer group Members in another.

It's a rigorous and proven process. It’s no wonder Project
Members achieve extraordinary results.